Todays outing at the Clydach Stream

Had the chance to book a day off yesterday so i jumped at the chance and made plans to fish the  Clydach stream, Its been a long overdue trip. I started out around 8, and set my self ready for the 2 mile hike and off i set.

As i got to the stream, i noticed that it was at a low level due to the lack of rain. We really need a good shower to give the system a good flush through. Due to the low levels, i made my way to the deeper runs and pools, although i did try my luck on fishing the small pockets of water with good success. Finally, once at the deeper runs i changed from using a single fly to using the clink and dink method due to the lack of rises and fly life. I think this was just due to how early in the day it was because as the day went on the rises increased with a good number of olives on the water. After just a few casts, a lovely browny obliged to my dry. After a quick fight and photo, he was slipped back to get on with his business.

After releasing the fish above i headed to front of the pool just casting into rough water working the nymph. After just a few casts the clink went under and  a lovely trout come right out of the water and shortly after a few jumps and dashes he came to hand. Not very big  but what a beautiful fish. What more can one want in these wild streams.

After moving on up stream picking a few more fish up the fly life started with, Brook duns, olives, and stone flies.With these coming off the fish were rising more freely. I could start targeting fish  and stop casting blind like  most of the morning. Just the way i like it. Moving on up stream i come to a pool that i could see a few fish rising in the back edge so i thought i would give the video a bash. On with a size 14 olive and video set on,and away to go.

few more photos

                                           Yellow may dun below

After a lovely few hours fishing the Clydach with many trout to hand i thought i would make a move down onto the taff to make my way home. As i come down river to cross over i seen a fish rising on the far back and i just couldnt help myself, i just had to have a cast. Same fly, Size 14 olive, Second cast and away she went. What a lovely end to the day. Here is the last fish of the day before the long walk home.

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