River Taff early bird

As i opened my eyes at 6am to find the alarm to throw it at the window, i realised if i did, the taff would have been flowing through my house! The rain was bouncing off the window making hell of racket. So i headed out of the house about 6:30 to head towards the middle of the Taff.. Thinking it was a bad idea.

As i hit the river i set up my two rods, one on the dry and one on the french leader.. On the french leader rod i set a 6 ft leader up about 18 inches between the flies. My plan was to set up with 2 2mm tungsten bead jigs to fish the back ends of the runs, and then work my way to the faster water at the head of the pools altering the weight of the flies.

Managed to take a few fish while i was working my way up, towards the sides of the runs, as the water was going up the fish seemed to have pushed to the edges out of the main flow. Some fish were seen jumping and moving but nothing really as there wasnt a great hatch of flies on.

Slowly moving up river and the conditions getting worse i decided to set the camera up and video myself using the french leader in a place where the river had split from the main flow. Have a look to see how it turned out… Sorry for any bleeps i made but you will see why 🙂

After this fish, the river started to rise and colour up even more so i thought that’s enough for today, so i headed home with the hood up because it was absolutely tamping down.. Its always the same ai, i get days off work and the weather goes to hell 😦

I wasnt out that long but well worth it with well into double fingers to hand, not bad really considering the conditions.

1 thought on “River Taff early bird

  1. Daniel popp

    Looks like you had a really good day even though the weather was nasty, I just wish i could have joined you 😦 But maybe next time 😀

    Kepp up the good work butt 😉



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