Fishing Clothing – Airflo Hydrotec Softshell Fleece

As I arrived home from work this evening I could see something, a parcel, waiting in the hallway for me to open. I couldn’t remember ordering anything, and im sure the mrs wouldn’t let it happen anyway! Unravelling the well packaged… errr package, I could see it was an item of fishing clothing, something my good friend Kieron Jenkins had send from Fishtec.

A well designed, trendy and fashionable hooded fleece, perfect for the damp, wetter weather we currently have as the material is shower proof, with a comfortable hood. The adjustable cuffs and waist will give me great protection from cool winter drafts whilst fishing, walking or just out around the shops.

I’m sure this jacket will play a big part of my fishing tackle throughout the winter, keeping me warm and comfortable whilst chasing the ladies… literally.

3 thoughts on “Fishing Clothing – Airflo Hydrotec Softshell Fleece

  1. Fishtec Fly

    Look good in that Hydrotec fleece Terry! Hopefully it will keep you warm and catching fish through the depths of winter! Those neoprenes don’t do anything for your figure though 😀 ! Tightlines



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