Tying with company after a bad day

This weekend has been a right washout and an expensive one at that!

Had a fish and eat day with my local fishing club saturday and I was busting to get on the water so I set up as quick as I could and in no time I was into the first small lady and shortly after another. Thinking all was going good, I made another cast and suddenly a Crack!  I was left just holding a small section of my streamflex 3wt :(, GUTTING.  I couldn’t see where the other part went but I was lucky one of my mates was down river and manged to pick it out for me. I’m well gutted and that was the end of my fishing day. I did use my other rod for a bit but I was too gutted to carry on.  I’ll be sending the part of the rod off in a few days so hopefully I will get things sorted.  Problem with me is that I know I will not have the same looks on the rod and i’ll be waiting for it to break again so im shopping for a new one, not sure what to go for yet.

I’ve been trying to keep my mind off the rod so instead of fishing i’ve been doing the next best thing, tying a few bugs and jigs in my new tying room and setup. As normal I wasnt alone tying, my cat is never far away as you can see below this photo.

Just a few patterns to fill the gaps in my fly box. Ill be tying through the week so ill post many more jig patterns and a few heavy bugs to get in them deep pockets where the big ladies hang around.

2 thoughts on “Tying with company after a bad day

  1. daniel popp

    loving the new tying area and stunning flies terry mate. Gutting about the rod though. Im sure youll be on the river before you know it



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