Tying the hotspot hare’s ear jig

I’ve been tying a few flies today and while tying i thought i would give making a video a bash, not done it before so bare with me 🙂  This jig has been working a treat over the last few months with the grayling and the trout are quite partial of it to!.  Not wanting trout but it happens… There is a nice line of them in my box now ready for the trout season 🙂 Bring it on!!!

4 thoughts on “Tying the hotspot hare’s ear jig

  1. fishstalker666 Post author

    Thanks very much guys.

    Ive been thinking already what to tie up next but its just getting the time to do so at the moment.
    Ill prob tie a few more jigs and then start on the dries.

    Anything anyone whats to see tied? nothing to crazy though 🙂



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