Out and about in heavy water conditions

Well, as everyone here is south wales knows, the rivers are all in flood and have been for a few weeks now but I just had to get out and wet a line somewhere to relieve the tension.

I didn’t rush out as early as I normally do, I think I left the house around 9ish and to tell the truth I didnt really know where I was heading with the waters so high in all the rivers in my area. Even the streams are high and would be a battle to keep your feet stuck to the bottom, so the only thing I could do really was to cover as much water as I could and find the slacks and the back ends of the pools. I took the two rods as normal but I knew that I would probably be stuck to bugging with the conditions. I didn’t see much fly life around just the odd olive passing by. I only saw two fish rise so that didn’t really warrant me to set the dry-fly rod up so I took it apart and slid it in the back of my vest to keep it out of the way so I could concentrate on the nymphing side of things. As usual I was using my 10ft 3wt streamflex, set up with the french leader for the nymphing. I was using two nymphs as normal; on the dropper I was using a goldhead 2.5 phesant tail flashback and on the point I was using a copper head 3.5 peeping caddis.  Most fish came to the caddis pattern as i expected with the flow being so fast and with a small amount of colour to it. Fishing was good and for the water I could fish I just fished every little bit of it till it was bugged out as I say!. I even left a few spots for some time and then went back and this is a good little trick to getting another chance to catch a few more. Ill let the photos do the talking!

8 thoughts on “Out and about in heavy water conditions

  1. Nicholas Steedman

    Hey Terry,

    Super pictures and what fish!! I guess it goes without saying that it’s been a good start to the season on the Taff! How big would you say the largest fish was? I’m desperate to come over and fish the Taff soon. Is she still fishable after all the heavy rain? Aren’t you off to Jamaica soon as well?



    1. fishstalker666 Post author

      Hey Nicholas,

      Thanks mate and hope all is well. The biggest i would say was just over 3lb if not a little more. Quite a chunky trout and put up one hell of a scrap before slipping into the net.
      The Taff is just bonkers at the moment with it being up in the trees and as black as coal, little bit fed up really because of it,I would have liked to have done a little bit more fishing before going on the big bird 🙂 For jamaica!! I’ll be going soon so i’ll left a few others in charge of the river for me to keep the poachers at bay! They will probably be out in numbers with this water on

      Nickolas, as soon as i get back mate and the rivers are fishable we can give it a bash, just give me a text, im game for whenever :). Bring Toby with you too, i think he could do with a bit of a break
      Well if you get a chance in the next few weeks give kie a ring butt

      Right speak soon and take care butty.




  2. john clarke

    hi terry
    what a cracking fish esspecially with conditions as they are at the moment.
    i enjoy reading your blog very much keep it going.i would like to give the
    taff a go. could you recommend a club that is worth joining for both trout and grayling
    and the members would help out a newby to river fishing.i live in usk but am not worried
    about the travelling.all the best


    1. fishstalker666 Post author

      Hi John

      Thank you very much for your kind comments, sorry i haven’t replied sooner but i’ve been away and only now im catching up on things. The part of the river i fish is covered by the Ospreys Fly fishing association. Click on the following link to find out more information http://www.ospreyffa.co.uk/

      It a good club and everyone helps everyone out when needed.Im available every weekend on the river and ill be more than happy to help out, weather permitting.



      1. john clarke

        hi terry
        thanks for your reply and kind offer.i am due to have an operation on my ankle
        in the next week or two but once recovered i would very much like to tag along
        with you if thats ok.
        many thanks
        all the best


  3. niel andrews

    hi terry ,yet again some corkers there.love the shot of the trout in the air.keep em coming.cheers niel



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