On the trout’s menu right now!

Well  at the moment the large dark olives are on the trout menu because that’s all that’s bloody hatching at the moment with these wild winds and mad cold weather that has stuck with us. Please give us a break and move on winter weather, its spring for god sake!

The hatches have been starting around half 12 and going on for an hour to an hour and half at most, so be ready because it’s over before you now it!

These are  patterns that ive been using for the last few weeks on the river and they have been very successful.

Olive Emerger.


Olive dun below.


Check out a few trout that  have been enticed by these patterns in the last few weeks.

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2 thoughts on “On the trout’s menu right now!

  1. niel andrews

    those fish are awesome terry.theyve seen a few winters.nice flies too,im using something similar myself with some success.keep the blogs coming.


    1. fishstalker666 Post author

      Thanks very much Niel 🙂 Yea been quite lucky over the last few weeks. Fly hatches are kicking off nicely now so should pick up from now on. fingers crossed the weather is on the turn to for the better! well good hunting and tight lines mate. Thanks for the kind words



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