In search of grayling on the river Severn

Over the weekend Me and and my good butty Sam Weston traveled up to the river Severn for a day of grayling Fishing.

The river Severn is a wonderful river and very beautiful with wide open valley with a meandering river running through it, You never know what’s around the next bend and every pools clear and fine gravel under foot! It’s such a beautiful place.

Was quite fresh starting off and quite cold with frost on the ground so first we started off with nymphs in the slower deep pools.

My setup, Hanak 10ft 3wt superlight using a french leader with a 2 nymph setup with a yellow indicator around 12″ long. From there 4ft of tippet with a dropper around 20″ up from the point. Simple setup to start with. For Nymphs, I went for a little colour due to being so cold and no sight of any movement or fly life, It’s a start! Later on I went for more natural colours and still nothing really. Just one of those days!

I found it quite difficult to pin down the grayling using all sorts of nymphs, after a spell of catching trout, I dredged the bottom and fished just under the surface to no avail, They just didn’t seam to be anywhere or feeding, It happens on times. Your always learning and thinking in these situations. Me and Sam did manage to pin a few down later on in the day but was very quiet. Trout were very active so we moved around a lot trying to avoid them!

For the last hour a small hatch of olives kicked off and there was a little window of dry fly action, smaller grayling but action none the less!

7 thoughts on “In search of grayling on the river Severn

    1. fishstalker666 Post author

      Thank you Mr Notherone.
      It’s a lovely place and if you go up check the levels now and go up with just a little water on. Not much. The grayling up there are something else
      Thank you for reading my blog


  1. Tony Mair

    Lovely report
    Was your fishing on a WyeUsk best?
    If not, where and how
    I would like to try it
    Importantly, it’s great that you are fishing again
    Tony M

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. fishstalker666 Post author

      Thanks very much Tony
      Hope your well?
      No it’s not on the wye and Usk foundation thank god or it be £25 a day ticket! All club waters. Rhayader club waters and u get a ticked from daisy Powell’s in town. On the Severn I’ll get the details for u when I dig the day ticket out of my kit and map. I’ll post it for u!



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