Monthly Archives: December 2018

Nymph images

As I’ve only had a few short hours free due to family and work commitments I’ve been using the time at the vice relaxing and thinking about my favourite time of the year, early season trout fishing!

The March browns and brook-dun hatches! This can be amazing so u need to be prepared I’ve started with a pattern I like to use fishing the slower pools with the French leader and as a dropper when the fish becomes active on the March brown and brook-duns. It’s a great crossover pattern that works great throughout the year in many different sizes!

Hook, hends bl550 size 14

Thread, 17/0 trico

Tail, bronze mallard

Body, olive quill / uv resin

Thorax, hybrid fox squirrel black pepper

Wing case, natural Pheasant tail

Grayling in small rivers

Finally the rain stopped enough to get on a river here is South Wales

The river levels are still a little high in many of the larger rivers so me and a good mate Dan decided to fish a smaller river looking for grayling. The river doesn’t hold a massive head of fish and not that big but it’s not all about that, It was just getting out and walking a new part of the river and searching out the little pockets and pools!

It’s a great little freestone river that is hidden among housing estates and industrial factories but the river is alive. At around 12pm there was a steady hatch of large dark olives coming off and I was hoping fish would react but I only seen one fish rise and that was it but the fish became very active on the nymphs so we tucked in!

Method of the day was the French leader with a two nymph setup, I had two 3m size 14 grub pattern on that took did the trick! Fish seamed to be sitting in around 2ft of water and not much flow but wanted the nymphs dead,dead drift. Takes were very delicate!

My mate Dan went for the pink shrimp on the dropper and a big nasty squirmy worm on the point. He waved it around the river like he owned the place Lol. Love them or hate them they do the business!

Was a challenging day in amongst the trees and trying to get to right presentation but all in all a good day with great company as always!