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Late season trout

Only a few days of the trout season left now and to make the most of it my good friend, Nicholas Steedman, and I spent a day on a small stream hoping to find some late season trout. A cold night meant that the fishing was slow in the morning although we both caught some lovely small trout in their spawning colours:


A superb hatch of various insects in the afternoon brought some great dry fly sport. The fish were clearly feeding hard before the winter and we were both able to pick off a number of fish that were picking off duns and emergers.


The standout fly of the day was this hot spot nymph:


The hot spot is tied with the new Harvey Angling micro fibre which is perfect for creating a bright target point on nymphs. However, it’s so fine that you can also use it for bodies on nymphs. The olive fly in the photo below was particularly good during hatch in the afternoon:




Pheasant Tail Emerger Pattern

It’s great to have the dry-fly setup once again and my go to pattern early season is the pheasant tail emerger. Fishing is still slow but I enjoy just creeping around the river when the hatches start. At the moment the large dark olives are coming on around 11am to about 2pm and then they tend to peter off, but in this time you can have a little fun, they don’t turn their noses up to this pattern and It have accounted for many of my big fish that I’ve managed to catch over the years on my local waters!

 I tie this fly in size16/14/12s

  • SONY DSCHook. Kamasan B100.
  • Thread, Black UTC 170.
  • Body. 4 pheasant tail fibers
  • Rib. 2lb mono.
  • Hackle. Blue dun.

I like to tie this pattern on the kamasan due to the quality of the hooks and the strength. It’s Very important to have full confidence in the hooks when you hook into that fish of a lifetime! These have the thumbs up from me! Here is a link for the hooks so please check it out they won’t let you down! ..




What a busy boy ive been!

Well not really had the chance to get out and do a spot of fishing but i have been tying a few flies ready for my trip up to Scotland for the international on the river Tay. This is going to be a big learning curve for myself and its going to be great to meet up with some of the best anglers in the country.

I’ll put a post up after I come back and a load of photos leading up to the match. It’s not long now 🙂

Well not long ago I was lucky enough to have the chance to fish the river Ebbw with kieron Jenkins and fish for some beautiful wild trout, check out Kieron jenkins’s feature in this months and tell me what you think:)  It’s a great read so please have a look.

Look its me below 🙂

Seasons greetings

Well the 3rd of March saw me fishing the River Ebbw for the start of the trout season with Kieron Jenkins and Jonathan Bishop. Haven’t really done a lot of fishing there but as always it was great to get out with the boys and fish different places.

I only took the one rod for the bugging and not bothering with the dry rod, there were a few olives hatching and a few fish rising but not enough for me to fight with the other rod on my back. The Weather was on the change with the threat of rain looming over us from the start. The setup was simple for the condition, the river was running quite low with a hint of colour so it was a short line from the indicator, around 4ft to the point fly and a dropper around 18″ above that. Due to the hint of colour, I put a 3m red tag jig on the point and a dark small 2.3m hares ear on the dropper, Keiron and Bish moved down river a few hundred yards from where I was going to step in, at this point I was looking at a nice looking run not very wide and looking to be around 2 half ft deep. There was a little break at the bottom of the run just before it dropped off into the ripple, first cast was a little short the second was on the bottom right behind the rock that was making the break. As the leader slowly moved down river it stopped and I took it as a take with a sharp strike down river, I was hooked into a lovely wild trout in great condition after the winter months, here he is below. Many fish came to hand and I was surprised to catch so many so early in the season, I’ll leave you with a few photos of the day.What a cracking start to the season!

just waiting on the indicator to slip away 🙂

Day on the Ebbw with friends

The day started with  Johnathon Bishop/ Bish & Kieron Jenkins picking me up and heading off for a day’s fishing

Not long after we got to where we wanted to be on the lower beats of the Ebbw, we parked on top of an old bridge and as every angler does when you come to a bridge with water running under it, we had to have a good look to see if  there was anything moving or if we could see any fish lying up. There was the odd rise and we did see a few fish static on the bottom, this just made us more eager to start. We decided to go fish for fish from the start because of the low water condition and for how narrow the river is. It’s a great way of fishing if there are a few of you on the water and as always if someone does something wrong or dropped a fish, be ready for a good ribbing:).

Moving onto first run of the day it fell to Bish to kick off.  After a few well placed shots in the trees and bushes we new that it was going to be one of them days. We didn’t laugh I promise. We took everything  in our stride and just worked the pools and every little eddy we come across with surprising results and a few lost nymphs. I’ve never really been into fish for fish but i’m starting to really enjoy it because im starting to fish the hard water that i would have passed on before. I will say that i’m not the best angler in the slow dead water where there are no rising fish, but I am working on it. I think it’s just a confidence problem. I do sometimes find it hard to drag myself from the fast water.  I’ve been taking lots of good notes and information from Kieron and Bish on light nymphing with the french leader, I’m a bit of a heavy merchant and find it hard to take the 3 miller off on times.

Moving on up river to a long run with a little more pace, it fell back to Bish to start off. After just a few casts alongside the faster water close to the bank. The indicator paused for a fraction of a second and that was enough for him to strike the take, instantly the fish was out of the water taking air and heading down river, after a few more runs the fish was in the net and in hand for a quick photo and then released to fight anther day

And the fine trout being released

As we moved up river to anther run Kieron found a chair on the bank and thought there was no need to stand, Fishing in comfort as he said with a laugh. He places the the chair in a place that he could cover the hole top end of the run in comfort, He sat back and while i was on my knees laughing, he hooked a fish in seconds and just sat back and pulled the net round like no bother at all. There is never a dull moment with him around i tell you.  It made the day:)

Moving on up river even further we started to see olive on the water, B.W.O and not long after the fish started to rise in better numbers. We come to a very slow pool with a few fish rising in the middle, so kieron set himself up and crept forward trying not to spook the pool by just taking a few sets at a time and waiting for a few seconds before moving again. He eventually got to where he could cover a lovely rise. A  few seconds later and a cracking long cast up river, the trout took the fly and down river she come, didn’t seem that big really untill it was under his feet and started to dart off with quick spurts and heavy head shakes. I pulled the camera out and shot the fight.

After the fish above we decided to make a move on back down river because it was getting late on in the day and we covered a lot of water, we had a fair walk back to the car so didn’t want to get home to late or i would be in the dog house again 🙂  On the way down we found a few fish rising not far from the car so kieron set the dry up and we finished off with too more videos.