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Grayling Fishing on the river Wye!

Bit of a change for my good mate Ian Gillard over the weekend, we both fished the river Wye up in Builth wales, Gods country!

Popped into the local paper shop picked are day tickets up and off we set. My mate Ian never seen the river up there and how clear the waters are and I think it was a little bit of a eye opener. Condition were perfect, Low wind and clear sky’s, What more could a angler want on the hunt for graying.

Water levels were good after the washout a week before with record breaking river levels! Most rivers in wales broke there banks and were quite dangerous!

I thought it would be good to head down river and walk the beat just to show Ian about first and show where the grayling normally are in the shallow waters, Crystal clear water can be quite deceiving in depth and in these places you never know what could be in there!

Dry fly was a little out in the morning the wind picked up and started to cover the river with leaves but then I had the chance to show Ian grayling pulling leaves under looking for insects. Not often seen on the lower taff.

Most of the day was Fishing French leader with light tippets and small nymphs. I opted to use my Hanak 2wt super light in Fishing so fine. What a great rod for it to!

Throughout the day we managed some beautiful grayling and out of season trout that were released as quickly as possible.

Below a few images of the great day we had and a short video on how clear the water was and how beautiful the grayling are up there in the Wye!

Welsh river trials on the river Tawe , leg 1

Well we asked for rain and we got it but way to much and on the day of the bloody trial. Typical hey!

Condition are not the best river rising and slightly coloured but the weather says it’s going to pass over around midday, Fingers crossed for the boys because it’s going to get interesting.

Today I’ll be controlling Terry Evans / Wales manager and good friend!

Always a tense time waiting for the time to kick off, it’s like time slows down. Your thoughts go onto that first fish and to get it the net to settle them early match nerves!

My thoughts on condition and looking at the water and height, Ide be using the French leader with a variety of colours, silver beads, black, orange and even white but with black pearly body’s and flashy Darker flies, Not forgetting the streamers in places!

It’s going to be interesting how Terry is going to attack the first beat and get the best out of it. Fast runs with good depth and lovely long pools, Looks quite fishy

Peg 2

Well terry headed into the head of this run and took a fish straight away but didn’t measure at 17.2cm Very unlucky and was needed due to conditions changing quite fast. Water was coming up and all the branches and rubbish started to come down. Most casts coming back with weed or small branches attached.

Finally a measure came in falling to a black small streamer pulled through the edge!

Not long after terry hooked a good fish but spat the hook while playing, Not a good thing to happen in a comp that is tuff Fishing but you must not think about the what ifs and carry on looking for the next one!

Conditions are changing by the minute now, There could be a few blanks in these early sessions for a few but that’s comp fishing, you haft to fish to the conditions and this could happen on comp day, You must be able to adapt to the changing conditions as quickly as possible.

As you can see in a short space of time the difference in water level after the first sessions below. The river was getting big and nasty!

The day was turning into a nightmare for the anglers and I was very glad I retained my place due to winning the brown bowl and didn’t haft to trial

There was much talk about blanks and how hard it was getting but the rain blew over and the river peeked so it started to drop quickly and the colour started to run out in the afternoon session. Look at that rise :S not good!

Still pushing but more fish able Terrys afternoon peg was a cracker but it wasn’t going to be easy due to a small river running in on the left side looking up river giving it more colour. But there was a seam between rivers that screamed fish. Terry managed 1 in the 3rd session and 3 in the last session.

Good angling in the condition for sure.

Overall a very tuff and hard trial but fish were caught and the first part is over. Next the taff for the final! Good luck to boys and good hunting for that one. Hopefully better condition

I’ll leave you with a few photos of the day below and what the boys had to contend with. If it was a normal days Fishing you would have packed up and gone for a pint! But this is comp fishing ūüôā

Finale results for leg 1

Trying the new camera out!

Bought a new toy a few weeks back, FinePix¬† XP¬†70 but god¬†it’s not as easy to use as I thought it was going to be :S

It has got Video editing on the camera and after a lot of trail and error I come up with this below! Bear with me ¬†guys,¬†it’s a work in progress!¬† Got a few new posts under work and a load of fly patterns coming up soon so to ūüôā

Hide and seek!

Last week i bought myself a video camera planning to make a few short videos on fish rising and hopefully a few other catching fish on the dries and nymphs.

For the last few days ive been walking the banks looking for big fish rising and i finally found what i was looking ūüôā check out the video below and see this beast taking brookduns one after anther

After taking the video above watching this fine large brown trout feeding i turned the camera off and made my way to the spot where the fish was. The rod wasnt even set up so that was done in no time still watching the trout rising, but when it came to leader and tipped extra care was taken with trying the knots! didn’t want to hook it and have ¬†knot¬†slip or anything so it was ll down to me to get the cast right and to land the fish,, Well i manged to get the right cast and the trout took the fly sweet as a nut and what a ride it took me on. ¬†after a while the trout come to the net ¬†i made anther short video just before release,, cracking fish and what a lovely wild fish it was ūüôā

video of the fish landed just before release ūüôā Hog!


FISHING BRITAIN with Hywel Morgan.

Well a little different guys, had the opportunity to be involved in the show FISHING BRITAIN, presented by Hywel Morgan  on the river Taff.

I was a little nervous with a camera buzzing about but it went really well with a few fish caught on nymphs and dries… Not going to say to much ūüôā

Hope you like guys and feedback be great ūüôā



Follow me on YouTube!

Over the last year or so I have enjoyed this blogging malarkey and creating some short fly fishing videos. I enjoy showing you and hopefully you enjoy me giving details and demonstrations on how to fish various methods such as the french leader and duo, also some fly tying videos describing my top patterns.

My YouTube channel is slowly filling up and im hoping it will continue to increase with your help and support. If you have any ideas on what you would like to see, don’t hesitate to comment and let me know what you want. Im up for anything!

Click the TV below to view my YouTube channel, so search me as MrTrout666

Nymphing on the River Taff

I was out the door this morning by eight and in pursuit of the lovely grayling that swim the river Taff.

The river is just recovering from a heavy flood and I didn’t expect much because of past experiences of fishing after big floods but it didn’t bother me if I caught something or not, I just love being out on the water. The river bed has changed quite¬†a lot and the shingle beds have moved all over the place, not a good thing for the reds im sure! But something good came out of it with a few nice holes and a few new runs scattered around the river making great spots for the grayling to ambush their passing prey or my nymphs:).

I had a play around with my video cam in one run that was fishing well and came up with this below.

I was fishing the french leader but not fishing it far away, more bugging really, fishing it just beyond the rod tip and keeping everything tight. I didnt even bother looking at the deeper waters I¬†just concentrated¬†on the water averaging from a few inches to about 2 ft. ¬†Two nymphs as usual, on the point I was using a size 16 silver bead hares ear jig and on the dropper a copper head PT jig. I caught a good number of small grayling and one half decent grayling running on the 1lb mark, also a few nice size trout but I do wish someone would tell them that its out of season and they should stop taking my tasty nymphs ūüôā With the quality of the trout now at the moment it should be a cracking trout season. I’m so looking forward to hitting the small streams and one of my favourite rivers, the Rhondda!

The biggest grayling of the day below after unhooking.

The day turned out better than i thought it would so it was great.  Im really looking foward to the weekend so roll on friday to wet a line again!

New underwater video cam to play with.

Just getting used to my new video camera today down on the taff. Quite different to the one I had and a little awkward to get right on the chest pack, I think i’ll have to make something to hold it in the right position so there is no figgeting about. i’ll have to get it right for the trout season thats for sure.

If the rain sorts its self out tonight i’ll probably get out somewhere and if not i’ll tie a few flies and put a few photos up.

Short time on the Rhondda

As its friday i finish early from work and had the chance to fish the Rhondda for just a few short hours.  Its been a long week and i just had to get my fix, I was counting down the hours so i get in the car and get home as soon as i could. No messing around, i had all my gear ready by the front door and it was on in no time at all and i was on my way. I was on the river for around 1.30 . As norm i had my both rods with me, my 10ft 3wt for the french leader and my 8ft 4 wt for the dry, i was all set up ready for action. Before i set off,  i had a quick look on the taff where the Rhondda meets and did see a few flies on and a few small fish rising so it was looking good.

As i¬†moved on up the Rhondda¬†i¬†could see a few blue wing olives on the water and a few sedges but i¬†didn’t¬†really go for the dry rod straight away. The lower parts of the Rhondda¬†is mostly pocket water with not¬†a lot of¬†slow water so it was down to the french leader. The water was very clear and low so i¬†knew¬†that i¬†had to take my time and stay low and utilise the long leader.¬† I set my video cam up and¬†moved into position and made a few casts and pretty much straight away i was into my first fish of the day. Not a bad start.

 Moving up river steadily making up good numbers on the leader i had to give the camera anther go in a lovely looking spot on the back-end of a deep fast run. I had a few cast in the head of the run but nothing so i moved back down to the end of the run in the shallow water and made a few casts then managed to pick one out. Video below of the one i had out and a few other videos i done not long after

As i moved up under a bridge a rise caught my eye so quickly changing over rods and i slowly made my way to a spot where i could get a cast in. As i moved on i seen a few more rising picking off the olives at the head of the pool so i kept low and  made the cast.  This was the pool that i was working my way up and where i done the videos.

After playing around with the videos and catching a few more lovely trout i¬†had the phone call telling me, come on its¬†¬†time to come home ūüė¶ I didn’t¬†fancy being in the dog house again so i¬†made my way.¬† It was a cracking few hours out and i¬†really enjoyed it.¬†I’ll leave you with this last video of my outing.

 This trout give me a cracking take and put up a good fight.

All out on the Clydach

I found myself planning a trip to the clydach with a bunch of  friends this weekend,Ceri Sweeny, Toby Jefferies and Nicholas Steedman. Due to the weather we been having here in south wales it was the only chance to wet a line in the stream, all the rivers in the area where all in flood and just unfishable. I blame Toby, Storm bringer as i call him, every time he even thinks of coming over into wales the clouds open up and all hell breaks loose  ;).

The day started out outside my home where we all met at 9am¬†and after a chat we made a move to the clydach, It wasnt the best of mornings with heavy cloud cover and the threat of rain looming. After a short drive ,we arrived¬†at the clydach and me and Nicholas went down the bank to see how it was running, but before we even got there we could hear¬†the stream raging in the valley. It must have been the highest¬†ive ever seen it and was running with heavy colour but it didn’t stop us giving it a going over.¬†¬†Due to the condition with high colour and¬†raging water it was all down to the klink and dink. High bright¬†pink post klink and a Hares ear red tag¬†.¬†As there was four of¬†us we split up, me and¬† Ceri¬†headed up river a few hundred yards¬†away from the other boys so it wasnt so crowded.¬† Ceri was the first to step in and in no time at all he was into his first fish¬†of the morning.

Ceri Sweeney quickly bringing a wild browny to hand in no time at all below.

As we moved on up stream¬†fishing the back ends of the runs and pools going fish for fish we were quickly getting into good numbers and some lovely looking wild trout. With the water pushing it made the fight so much better and on a few occasions we had to give chase down river a few yards when hooking into a better size fish.¬† After a while, i¬†gave Nicholas a ring to see how things were going down stream and after a quick chat ,Nic was on his way up and from there¬†we all stuck together and all took turns fishing each run and pool¬†we come across. I¬† have to say it was Nicholas’s first visit to the stream and fair play he was doing really well with a good number of trout to hand and some really fine looking¬†trout too. It was a pleasure¬†fishing with him again and by the looks on his face i think he really enjoyed the day.

Nicholas below with a fine stream trout.


As the day went on the rain decided to¬† put an appearance¬†in giving us all a good dowsing¬†but it didnt¬†dampen the spirts.We took this opportunity¬†to have a break in the cover of the trees and have a bite to eat and a chat. After just a short time the rain stopped and we commenced fishing.¬†Immeadiatly,¬†we were all back in the¬†zone¬†as i¬†call it, catching trout in the back end¬†of the runs and along side the fast water.¬†I don’t¬†think it could have got any better the fishing or the company. We come up on one run and Nicholas was kind enough to take a short video of me using the klink and dink with a little success.

As we all moved up stream¬†we started to fish water i¬†have never fished and i¬†have to say it was just perfect. It was a little tighter than the lower waters but made good fishing and tested the casting skills. By this time the stream started to drop and clear up a little so Toby and myself set up the dry and give it a whirl. We did have a few fast takes but nothing really was interested for some reason. Maybe they were just hooked on the nymphs¬† because of the flood water, i¬†don’t¬†know.¬† So back on the nymphs and back into the fish straight¬†away.¬† We all had many more fish to hand but time was flying at this point and due to¬†the long walk back and the drive back for Toby and Nicholas¬† it was that time to leave. It was a cracking day out and i enjoyed the company and the fishing was just outstanding. What more can you want.

I’ll¬†leave you with a few more photos of the fine fish we caught

Toby below with a fine trout.

I just love looking at these colours on these wild stream trout, just beautiful.