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Flicking the dry fly

After chatting to my mate Sion Lewis on the phone, we decided to have a few hours out before the rain kicked in as it was forecast to come in later on in the day.

Sion being a good man that he is come and picked me up and off we set looking for rising fish. The timing was perfect really when we finally got on the bank with blue wing olives coming off nicely and the odd rise, but it didn’t take long for the trout to lock on and start gorging on these little wee sweeties.

The fly pattern that I used to match the B.W.O

Makes you think on these times that all the time you have fished the river and fished these parts and not even having a take or even seeing a fish move. They are there but not bothered, but soon as these little jems start coming off every fish in the river goes mad. This can be a fantastic time for the dry fly angler and some great sport, you can even be cheeky and walk past fish and look for the better ones feeding. These better trout tend to be just ofF the bank and on times its like they are touching it, I had one today that was along side a large rock, I swear it must have been leaning on it and taking the flies that were touching the rock when coming around it in the flow. Love this kind of fishing because these tricky buggers can test the casting and presentation skills.

Me and Sion took turns on giving the tricky fish a go and just trying to target the better fish moving all the time we were out, it was great fun! Today the bugging rods didnt have a sniff and were set aside to keep out of the way.

Just a few photos below.

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Tying dries to match the hatch.

Well finally getting the chance to sit down and replenish the dryfly box with the fly patterns that match the hatches on my local rivers here in south Wales at the moment .

At the moment there are brook dunns, large dark olives and a few other smaller olives, these smaller olives have been hatching a little later on in the day and the fish have been mopping them up and not bothering with anything else really. It took me a bit of time to realise what was going on one afternoon but I¬†figured it out after going right through the box and watching carefully. These times can be so frustrating but it’s all part of the fun of the¬†fishing dries. Here are a few of the pattens that I’ve tied up to match the hatch.

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