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Liquid Glass UV Cure Resin

Cold, damp spring days aren’t favoured by many but for the fisherman, they can offer superb fishing. Inverterbrates seem to favour these dour days and hatch en masse. None more so than the dimunitive Iron Blue Dun which can often save the day when you might have second thoughts about going fishing. Today was one of those days and my good friend, Nicholas Steedman, and I experienced a hatch of Iron Blue Duns of biblical proportions. The river was covered with duns! These rare occasions can prove frustrating – with more food available than even the greediest trout can feed on, they become selective and tricky to fool. Surprisingly today the stand out fly was a Large Brook Dun ’emerger’ which is generic enough to pass as a general olive emerger pattern. Large Brook Duns are frequently claimed to be of no interest to the fisherman but these large upwings often get blown onto the water or hatch mid-river (despite only being meant to hatch by crawling up stones on the side of the river). With thousands of Iron Blue Duns and a smattering of Large Brook Duns plus a few other species the trout were spoilt for choice today but the larger imitation certainly proved the most effective at fooling some tricky trout:-)

I’ve included a few photos of the fly below (previously posted on an earlier post). The body is natural stripped peacock quill which is protected by Harvey Angling’s Liquid Glass UV Cure Resin which dries clear and tack free – exactly what you want from a UV resin! Give the fly a try, you won’t be disappointed;-)

Hook Tiemco TMC 200R #14
Tail: Coq de Leon
Abdomen: Stripped quill (natural) and liquid glass uv resin
Thorax: Fox squirrel
Wing: cdc
Hackle: Metz Honey Dun

The Liquid Glass UV Resin is available from Harvey Angling

march brown


Pheasant Tail Emerger Pattern

It’s great to have the dry-fly setup once again and my go to pattern early season is the pheasant tail emerger. Fishing is still slow but I enjoy just creeping around the river when the hatches start. At the moment the large dark olives are coming on around 11am to about 2pm and then they tend to peter off, but in this time you can have a little fun, they don’t turn their noses up to this pattern and It have accounted for many of my big fish that I’ve managed to catch over the years on my local waters!

 I tie this fly in size16/14/12s

  • SONY DSCHook. Kamasan B100.
  • Thread, Black UTC 170.
  • Body. 4 pheasant tail fibers
  • Rib. 2lb mono.
  • Hackle. Blue dun.

I like to tie this pattern on the kamasan due to the quality of the hooks and the strength. It’s Very important to have full confidence in the hooks when you hook into that fish of a lifetime! These have the thumbs up from me! Here is a link for the hooks so please check it out they won’t let you down! ..https://www.cliff-harvey-angling.co.uk/search_prod_list.asp?maingroup=HOOKS&thirdgroup=Kamasan&cha_product_category=8




Crystal clear compact dubbing box, 12 compartments

Just bought myself a few of these crystal clear compact dubbing boxes, ideal for storing all sorts of dubbing and you would be surprised how much you can put in each slot! Instead of having your dubbing in bags or in a draw  taking up space at your fly tying station use one of these, cheap as chips!!! click here to check them out http://www.cliff-harvey-angling.co.uk/prod_show.asp?id=6259



Dry flies to Match the Hatch!

At the moment the Blue wing olive’s are still hatching and the August duns are putting in a show so here are the Three flies that i’ve been using mostly to cover the hatch!

Nothing special but they work!

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On the trout’s menu right now!

Well  at the moment the large dark olives are on the trout menu because that’s all that’s bloody hatching at the moment with these wild winds and mad cold weather that has stuck with us. Please give us a break and move on winter weather, its spring for god sake!

The hatches have been starting around half 12 and going on for an hour to an hour and half at most, so be ready because it’s over before you now it!

These are  patterns that ive been using for the last few weeks on the river and they have been very successful.

Olive Emerger.


Olive dun below.


Check out a few trout that  have been enticed by these patterns in the last few weeks.

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Stalker News – The Fly Tidy

The Fly Tidy

Recently I’ve been doing hell of a lot of fly tying, I’ve been using a fly tying system that a friend of mine has devised to give the fly tier a cleaner work space. My usual fly tying workspace is a mess, a table which is tucked away in an old unused room of my house. Although it does the job, it could be a lot better.

After searching the web I found many fly tying systems which look solid and good, but not what I wanted. Most were wooden, oak, heavy and clumbersome. If I got one of the ones I saw my tying would have been confined to one room, something im not a fan of as I like to move around tying in the living room whilst watching TV at night.

I spoke to a good friend of mine who put me in touch with Lee to get The Fly Tidy  – A food grade plastic tray, which houses all my fly tying tools and vice and all the on hand materials I may use in one night. It has a raised platform which holds tools, see the picture below, and a work base which is inset around 2cm, this came in hand why I dropped my bag of tungsten beads! It helped stop the beads from rolling from the desk and kept all my material safe from blowing off. I like the white plastic, it gives a great contrast against the small flies I sometimes tie, it also helps when searching for cut off wire or tinsel which is sometimes very hard to see!

Below is an image of the fly tidy with no tools. It weights under a kilo so is easy to load up and move to tie.

The fly tidy front shot

My loaded fly tidy. The workstation is ideal for storing tools, fly clips and a regularly used varnish or bug bong.

Using the fly tidy

The food grade plastic is great when fly tying glues are spilled, being highly resistant to corrosive materials glues such as super glue, bug bond and varnish simply whip or crack off once dry. I find the plastic keeps material to the tray and stops things like marabou blowing from the work station.

I’ve actually used this tray on my lap whilst watching TV, the solid flat station is great for resting on your legs, all that needs to be done is the vice ehad adjusted to the perfect angle for tying. Im actually contemplating taking the fly tidy away on my fishing trips, I mean how many times have you search fro a table to clamp your vice? The base is already built in with this and will keep the room much tidier.

To check out the fly tidy visit Lee’s site here – THE FLY TIDY – Im impressed!

Popping into my local fishing store, Harvey Angling.

Well due to the rivers being all in flood after this awful weather we have been having, I thought i’d sort the tying gear out and check over my tackle to make sure i’ve got everything ready for when this weather buggers off and gives us Fishermen a chance to wet a line.

Having a bit of time on my hand after going over everything I thought i’d go and visit my local tackle shop to stock up on leaders and tying materials for the coming grayling season 🙂 exciting times!!!.

Here is a link below to the shop and they are also on facebook as Harvey angling so please check them out and  add a like 🙂http://www.cliff-harvey-angling.co.uk/ It’s a great family run business and very helpful in every way. Gareth the son has recently taken over the shop from cliff retiring after a good many years. The shop has now gone under major overall and stocking a wide range of materials for all kinds of anglers.

Getting back to the goodies.

In the past i’ve been paying around £10 for the hends camou french leaders but with Gareth they are the cheapest i’ve seen being £5.49. what a saving yea!? This is only one of many great deals everyone are missing out on. Every  penny counts these days! I know where i’ll be buying mine from now on, cheers Gar.

Just a few things I picked up below.