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Bitter morning on the Taff

Well as I was saying last night, I was hoping that the rain would hold off and it did thank god.

The alarm sounded at 7.30 and as I got up and looked out the window I could see that Jack frost was doing his bit. It looked absolutely freezing and made me think for a second, should I bother, after having a nice hot coffee and a barrel full of biscuits I was out the door. I arrived on the river around 8.45 and I wasn’t alone on the river fishing. I could see two herons working the margins down below me so I sat there for a bit just watching and looking for a few spots to give the first going over with the nymphs. I took both rods as normal, 10ft for the bugging and the 8ft for the dry and klink and dink.  The river didn’t drop that much over the night but it was fishable and the clarity was good.

I started off using the klink and dink working alongside a large deep pool just off the current thinking that the fish would be there sheltering from the main flow as normal. In no time I was into a load of small grayling and a few out of season trout. The small grayling are in good numbers this year in the Taff and I just hope you get the chance to grow on and give us good fishing for next year. Not getting anything any bigger I changed over to the heavy bugs, fishing the deeper waters on the back edge of the run hoping for something better. As I cast the nymphs up river, I started to track the indicator downwards, when it came in line with me it stopped so I lifted and I seen a fair size grayling turn in the water but a few seconds later the line went slack. Not having anther take in this spot I moved on looking for the next place to give a going over. I decided to fish a deep pool that has done me proud through the years but normally I would just get straight in with the heavy bugs but this time I just stayed back just fishing the klink and dink on the back end. I ended up taking three nice size grayling and a load of small ones and more trout that I could shake a stick at :(.  I left the pool after catching more trout than grayling so I moved onto the next spot to pick on.  I manged a few more grayling throughout the day but nothing in any large sizes so they will have to wait till next time.  Not a bad few hours in the conditions and the bloody cold 🙂 Photos Below.

Taff in the morning if all goes well

Being in work all week and checking the weather for changes, the weekend looked quite promising but as always it never turns out the way you want it to.

As I live quit close to the river Taff and pass it on the way to work every morning it was looking great at the start of the week but thursday was the day that put the spanner in the works, rain most of the night and all through the day.  As for now the area I want to fish on the Taff is quite fishable as long as the rain holds off tonight. Please give us a break mun 🙂

Here are the levels of the river Taff in Pontypridd in the last 48 hours.

If all goes well i’ll have a new post up tomorrow so watch this space.