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Welsh river trials on the river Tawe , leg 1

Well we asked for rain and we got it but way to much and on the day of the bloody trial. Typical hey!

Condition are not the best river rising and slightly coloured but the weather says it’s going to pass over around midday, Fingers crossed for the boys because it’s going to get interesting.

Today I’ll be controlling Terry Evans / Wales manager and good friend!

Always a tense time waiting for the time to kick off, it’s like time slows down. Your thoughts go onto that first fish and to get it the net to settle them early match nerves!

My thoughts on condition and looking at the water and height, Ide be using the French leader with a variety of colours, silver beads, black, orange and even white but with black pearly body’s and flashy Darker flies, Not forgetting the streamers in places!

It’s going to be interesting how Terry is going to attack the first beat and get the best out of it. Fast runs with good depth and lovely long pools, Looks quite fishy

Peg 2

Well terry headed into the head of this run and took a fish straight away but didn’t measure at 17.2cm Very unlucky and was needed due to conditions changing quite fast. Water was coming up and all the branches and rubbish started to come down. Most casts coming back with weed or small branches attached.

Finally a measure came in falling to a black small streamer pulled through the edge!

Not long after terry hooked a good fish but spat the hook while playing, Not a good thing to happen in a comp that is tuff Fishing but you must not think about the what ifs and carry on looking for the next one!

Conditions are changing by the minute now, There could be a few blanks in these early sessions for a few but that’s comp fishing, you haft to fish to the conditions and this could happen on comp day, You must be able to adapt to the changing conditions as quickly as possible.

As you can see in a short space of time the difference in water level after the first sessions below. The river was getting big and nasty!

The day was turning into a nightmare for the anglers and I was very glad I retained my place due to winning the brown bowl and didn’t haft to trial

There was much talk about blanks and how hard it was getting but the rain blew over and the river peeked so it started to drop quickly and the colour started to run out in the afternoon session. Look at that rise :S not good!

Still pushing but more fish able Terrys afternoon peg was a cracker but it wasn’t going to be easy due to a small river running in on the left side looking up river giving it more colour. But there was a seam between rivers that screamed fish. Terry managed 1 in the 3rd session and 3 in the last session.

Good angling in the condition for sure.

Overall a very tuff and hard trial but fish were caught and the first part is over. Next the taff for the final! Good luck to boys and good hunting for that one. Hopefully better condition

I’ll leave you with a few photos of the day below and what the boys had to contend with. If it was a normal days Fishing you would have packed up and gone for a pint! But this is comp fishing ūüôā

Finale results for leg 1

Treating myself

Well this was long over due and I should have done it months ago, I was in desperate need of a new set of waders as two of my old pairs had really given up the ghost. Many patches were bought and a couple of tubs of aquasure but I was told once you start to repair them, their never ever the same.

I decide to go for the Airflo Delta Stocking foot waders after reading all the feefo reviews on the Fishtec website site. I always take first hand information to heart and I knew a couple of anglers who own a pair of these too. Each person was happy with their choice and just one had a problem when they first had them, but a quick call to Fishtec customer services and this was quickly rectified.

I haven’t had a new pair of chest waders in a long time so I was looking forward to rambling about the river and not having wet feet for a change. I opted for the Delta waders as they also came with a pair of free wading boots. I won’t be using these for a while but when my current boots die these will be my go to boots.

Whilst I was on the website I was browsing around the clothing section and looking at what I need for the coming year, you can’t take it with you after all! I decided to go for a new fishing garment as my chest pack was becoming cluttered and just too small for my needs.

I’ve never really been into wearing a vest whilst fishing as I’m a chest pack kind of guy, but after fishing with Kieron Jenkins for the day and trying on the Airflo Outlander Mesh Vest I just had to have one! ¬†A lovely light mesh design with multiple inner and outer pockets everything is to hand and no digging about in flaps or deep pockets looking for my gink or leader¬†straightener¬†.

My chest pack seemed as if it was weighting me down, it was like I had a house brick tied around my neck, It didn’t help that it was so full ofcourse but after swapping all my gear to the new Airflo Mesh Vest it was like I had nothing on. The pockets are all tucked up out of the way keeping fly boxes and nylon dry it also features a mesh back so it allows my body to breath whilst walking long distances.

Good Wader Guide

Waders are like the holy grail of fishing tackle. Find a good pair and you’re onto a winner!

Getting a decent pair of¬†waders¬†nowadays¬†is pretty easy,¬†irrespective¬†of the price. Most waders are made to a considerable standard, but with the higher end offering a few more ‘luxuries’ as waterproof zips, hand warmer pockets and padded straps. The usual rule fishermen go by is ‘Pay more and they’ll last longer!’… But waders don’t always read the rule book.¬†You can pay upwards of ¬£6OO for a pair Simms that last half or several seasons.

Waders leak for 3 main reasons

Usage – User problems/accidents
Storage problems
Manufacturing problems

Well, this is an obvious one. Jumping of fences, forcing and¬†shoving¬†your way through brambles, woods and thistles will all puncture the lest and most¬†vulnerable¬†parts of any garment. Standing on the feet or main body of the¬†waders¬†when dressing or tackling up doesn’t do them any favours, sometimes it‚Äôs¬†inevitable ¬†although try and avoid it!

Purchase waders that fit. It’s not always easy to try on a pair of waders before you buy, depending on the proximity of your local fishing tackle shop or dealer. Waders that don’t fit your body can cause all sorts of problems. If their too tight, the material will strain and stretch on the seams when you walk, kneel, climb or sit. The fabric isn’t that tough, it only needs to be stretched a matter of minutes and will already start to part.


This is a good’un. I speak to a lot of people who’s waders always seem to ‘go’ in the same places, around the ankles where the boot or stocking foot meets the waders, knees or along one of the many seams. Leaving your waders crumpled in the back of your car after a day on the water, tightly rolled up ¬†in a dry storage bag or tidily laying on the floor of your garage can create long thin leaks, usually around your knees, calfs and shins – with waders normally tight around this area anyway, the added pressure inside the waders of water seeping its way through your clothing isn’t very comfortable.

Hanging a pair of boot-foot waders by their braces puts pressure on the seals and joints around the boot, and will also stretch the braces. Putting this amount of pressure on the seams between the boot and wader fabric can cause leaks which are hard to repair.


Manufacturing problems are normally the first kind of problems seen within a pair of waders. Is the tape on the seams secure? Are the neoprene feet waterproof? Are there any holes? The list goes on, once purchased there’s only one way to test them.

The more the waders are used, wear on the seams and tape become more common. Most of the tapes on seams use a heat reactive adhesive which is heated and the glue then melts and sticks to the surface covering the seams. This should make it water tight. The more the tape flexes and stretches the more prone it becomes to leaks as the flexing over time causes cracks within the tape.

Get the most out of your waders

Keeping your waders stored correctly will help their life. Keeping them hung up correctly, on a clothes hanger or strapped to an over head beam letting them hanging¬†(unless boot-foot)¬†above the ground will give them a chance to dry out and reduce the risk of the material being folded or creased. Using a mat to stand on, on uneven or¬†stony¬†ground will help reduce the risk of puncturing the feet. Be attentive – look where you‚Äôre going; waders don’t like¬†spiky¬†things!

How do I find a leak?

Repairing your waders can sound quite daunting if you have many pin holes from thorns and such. If you have GoreTex waders, a thin layer of alcohol spray on the inside of the waders can reveal with small black dots, where the pinholes are.

Filling a bath with a few inches of water and squeezing from the opening of the waders pushing the air down the legs and submerging the suspected problem area under water can sometimes give away the puncture.

Can they be repaired?

Some repairs can Рrips, tars and pin holes are all pretty straight forward to repair. A tube of Aqua-sure or Storm-sure a waterproof adhesive can be applied to the problem area in thin layers, inside or out. Most waders come with a small puncture repair kit which consists of a small tub of adhesive and a few strips of tape which can be applied over the seams or as a patch on holes.

Cleaning your waders

It’s not¬†necessary to clean waders after each days fishing, but from a personal view keeping your waders neat and tidy can shows you look after your kit. Warm water and a sponge can wash off dried on dirt, mud and fish slime! Washing your waders in Nikwax Techwash at the correct temperature can help re-proof and clean your waders.

To get the best out of your waders, treat your waders with nothing but respect!

Rhondda outing after the recent flood

Im so glad that the weather made  improvement from raining hard most of the weekend and giving me the chance to wet a fly before I had to back to work on Monday.

Waking up this morning and seeing the weather had broken¬†I¬†was¬† relieved to say the least. It felt like the rain was never going to stop and i¬†was thinking no fishing this weekend¬†for me..¬† After a quick coffee¬†and¬† putting the gear on i¬†was on my way to the Rhondda¬†around 7 am. Before i¬†entered¬†the Rhondda¬†i¬†give the¬†Taff¬†a quick look to see how the old girl was running. She was still pushing a fair bit of flood water and a fair bit of colour also. Unfishable¬†really. The Rhondda¬†was in much better shape but still running with a good force¬†but clear. I know after a good flood and dropping water it can be unbelievable¬†fishing on times. As usual¬†i¬†had my both rods with me, My greys 10ft¬†3wt¬†and the greys 8ft¬†4wt. Im¬†known as two rod Terry around these parts:) I feel naked¬†with only one so even if i¬†don’t¬†use its always with me. French leader set on the 10ft¬†and the dry on the other.¬† With so much water i¬†put a 3.5m gold head hairs ear on the point and on the dropper a 2.8m P.TN vereant¬†¬†

Starting off with the french leader i¬†picked my way up river very gingerly fishing all the slack water i¬†could find and placing my feet as careful as i¬†could, i¬†didn’t¬†want a wetting and didn’t¬†fancy¬†taking a swim either.¬† I come to a very fast deep run and made my way across the river so i¬†could fish the slack part behind a few submerged boulders where if i¬†was a trout ide be hiding. I set my video cam on and thought ide show you¬† a few videos¬†using the french leader with good success.

After making these short videos i made my way up river a little further to the slower water hoping that there might be a fish or two on the fin, at this time there were a few B.W.O on the water so i was betting there was. But before i got to the slower waters i see a lovely rise on the far side of a fast run, just beside a huge rock.  I had a size 14 olive pattern on well  hackled for the fast water so you can pick it out easily. Getting myself into a good position i mad a few  casts to judge the distance and flow. Atter getting it right after a few casts,well more than a few cast i managed to fool him.  Here he is below

Well the way it was going i¬†thought it just couldnt¬†get better. (WELL THATS¬†WHAT I THOUGHT) Trout started to rise in good numbers all down to the better hatch of olives on the water and i¬†was steadily¬†making good numbers. This is why i¬†like to use two rods because you can change over with no bother at all. As i¬†was making my way just watching the bank for the really slow and small rises, hoping for a better size trout to be feeding i¬†seen a small little splash under a tree branch just touching the water, well not a splash it was more like a little jet of water, nothing really i¬†just thought minnows, but something just told me to check it out.¬† I made my way to a spot over looking the water and to my SURPRISE!!! i seen this large trout just mopping up the olives just under an over¬†hanging bush. I got the camera out and shot this video ūüôā I was just¬† fascinated watching him taking the flies. I think im¬†really lucky to see this and catch this on camera on are river.

¬†The adrenaline¬†started to pump and i¬†knew¬†that i¬†had to go into stalker mode as i¬†call it:). To get to the spot where he was feeding i¬†had to walk about 100 yards back up river and make my ways down to where he was feeding.. As i¬†as walking back down i¬†was wishing he was still there and still feeding. As i¬†got closer i¬†could see him just coming up under the bush. I moved down past him trying not to make much noise in the water and not to send any ripples across the water.¬† I greased¬†the fly up and put mud on the tippet and dipped both in the water before casting. I knew that i¬†had one chance and one chance only. I made the cast and the fly just¬†drifted¬†bang on-line¬†where he was feeding and the drift was perfect but he didn’t¬†even move. So i¬†sat back and watched for a few moment and i¬†seen that he was started to take one out of every few olives that pasts. He rose and i¬†left it for a moment¬†and i¬†made the cast. It all kind of went in slow motion¬†and he just sucked it in and i¬†made the strike¬†. He just sat there for a second and then he started to shake his head and straight away he was fully out of the water tail waking down river. There was no way i¬†was going to stop him so off i¬†went. After a wild few runs and jumps i¬†managed to get him to hand. Cracking fish and im still smiling writing¬†this ūüôā after¬†a few quick photos i slipped him back to fight anther day. Here he is

What more can i¬†say after catching this fine trout. After releasing him i¬†just sat there just taking everything in and after¬†that i¬†headed off home with a hell of a smile on my face just thinking it just don’t get better than that…



River Taff today

Today me and my friend Paul Jenkins ‘Bushy’ fished the newly leased¬†‘Ospreys’ streach of the River Taff¬†at Cilfynydd¬†towards Abercynon.

We met at the Car park in Cilfynyd¬†ind’est¬†at 9am.¬†¬†We walked to¬†what was the old boundary of the Ospreys¬†stretch¬†and¬†started to walk the newly¬†acquired¬†waters – looking at the pools and debating what methods to use. As always,¬†I took two fly rods, My¬† Greys streamflex¬†10ft¬†3# and My favourite – Greys GS2¬†8ft¬†4#. Carrying two rods can sometimes be a pain, but due to the frequent¬†but sporadic hatches of Olives, Yellow mays and Brook duns having two rods enables me to swap and change without re-tying my leaders or methods and cover that fish that s rising before it goes down.

To start, I tackled up with a team of flies on a french leader. My french leader consists of a 9 meter tapered  leader and a duo coloured indicator nylon.

The business end consisted of 6ft of 4lb Stroft ABR and two jigs spaced around 18 inches apart. The flies where basically hears ears with 3mm tungsten heads Рgold and black.

After a quick chat with Bushy, we decided to fish – fish for fish. Meaning one of us would fish and the other watching, I like this method of fishing because it allows me to watch different anglers in different situation. As Bushy is one of the top class anglers in the country,¬†it’s always¬†good to keep a sharp eye on what flies ‘he’s putting on and what he’s¬†doing in different¬†water.

We worked our way up the stretch taking around 6-7 fish out of the first 100 yards between us, It was obvious we were doing something right! The river was on good form although being low and clear, the fish were very obliging in taking our nymphs.

Once fishing the fast pocket water, we could see a nice long glide in the horizon! So it was on our bike and towards to pool¬†we went. Creeping and peering through the pea shooters it was obvious¬†this was a big fish pool! And that it was! After carefully negotiating my way across the slow deep pool, trying not to fall in or spook the pool, we got to the fishable¬†side of the pool where the run was on the opposite side and the eddy was in easy reach. It was running about 6ft¬†deep, too deep to wade but just the right depth for me to french nymph. After working the crease closest to me, where the quicker water meets the slack on the inside it was obvious the fish wern’t there! Or was it my flies not getting deep enough? So it was into the box, and on with the 3.5mm tungsten. First cast, indicator stopped and upriver she went, with nothing but my 3 weight rod to stop her¬†I¬†knew¬†I¬†had a fight on my hands. Running, diving and doing everything possible it could to free my hook¬†I gently persuaded her into my net. And after a quick photo, off she went to fight another day.

After taking maybe 20 fish between us,¬† and working near enough a mile upstream Kieron, Pauls¬†son joined us.¬†Kieron¬†tackled up with basically the same as me, two jigs on a french leader.. although they were from his secret¬†box which doesn’t come out¬†a lot¬†ūüėȬ†I have tried to have a look but it seems to disappear¬†quicker than the little minnows in the shallows. He was quickly into his first fish, taking one second cast around the pound mark on a red tag jig. Bushy spotted another just swirl under the surface and the next cast, it was in the net.

Moving swiftly upstream, into a fast but shallow run I could see Kieron was into a good fish. I rushed downstream getting the camera ready and into video mode and into a good position to watch the fish slip into the net, but as he was lifting the rod to lure the fish, the fly came out and the point fly hooked into the adipose fin. Take a look at the video below of how not to land a fish! LOL


The river above where we met, started to get wider, slower and deeper. By this time there were not so many flies hatching and the fishing started to slow down. So we started to move to the head of the pools taking the easier fish just to build our numbers up. Not long later we decided to make a move after a long day searching with better than expected results.