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Hi Guys, My names is Terry Bromwell, I live in Pontypridd and am a Taff regular! Im out fishing most weekends and enjoy taking photos and recording my catches! I thought hosting a blog would be a great way to show everyone my photos, methods, flies and promote the rivers around South Wales.

Ive been fishing the rivers of South Wales since I was 5 or 6 worming my way down the runs catching some superb trout. My family are big into fishing and shooting so I was always outside doing something or other, whatever the weather. The past few years I have been representing Wales in the river internationals where we have competed against the home nations. in 2013 I was the brown bowl winner and Wales won gold.  In 2014 I was the proud captain of a Gold Winning Welsh team.

Just from posting on the forums alone I’ve had a lot of people wanting to come and fish the rivers with me to see how good they are for themselves. If you fancy a day out just get in touch and we’ll sort out a day! Contact me or add me on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/terry.bromwell


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. burhan

    hi terry. this is an excellent site and very well written too. you’ve got some cracking fish on there buddy that’s for sure. i’ll be keeping an eye on your blog. good luck with it and keep up the good work. hopefully oneday i might get a mention too:-)


  2. fishstalker666 Post author

    Thanks very much Burhan.
    Im really glad that you like what ive done but im still working on a few things, so please check in time to time to see whats new.
    You are always welcome on the river with me anytime and that goes for eveyone.


  3. Roger meaden

    Hello terry,I,m from mountain ash and fancy looking for greyling on the taff .im all above board permit and lieceience wise.how far up the taff are greyling running,
    Cheers roger

    1. fishstalker666 Post author

      Hi Roger
      The grayling in the taff are all over now, not big numbers but they are there.. Ospreys waters around Pontypridd are pretty good at the moment but that’s if the water levels drop enough to get in there :C
      If your about drop me a mge on here and ill meet u up!

  4. Roger meaden

    Thanks for the reply.when river levels drop so where near normal,we shall have a meet.
    Getting access to the river,to avoid trespass or upsetting someone is my main concern ,cos I can’t run like I used to.plus knowing the osprays waters,I have a permit but admit,not used it much this year,
    Have a good Xmas ,hope to see you soon,
    Regards Roger,

  5. Jack Rundle

    I’m glad someone has made a page about the fly fishing on the taff!
    I also love fishing the stretches in Ponty and love bumping into other anglers picking up tips and fly patterns whilst chatting as I ain’t a pro myself!
    Any tips on what flies are the most effective would be much appreciated!
    Tight lines!🎣

    1. fishstalker666 Post author

      Hi Jack cheers butty. Ill post a number of early season patterns in the next few days. Hare’s ears pheasant tails. Large dark olive patterns and emergers. Cheers for checking my blog out 🙂

      1. Jack Rundle

        No problem, I’ll keep an eye on it.
        Be great to see you down the river one day!

  6. KM

    Hi Terry,
    I’m new to fly fishing and the fishing the Taff in general, what type of fishing would you recommend on the fly? I’ve seen a few people in waders casting with super long leaders into random spots of fast flowing water, what is this? How do I do this? They seem to be catching so many trout!

    1. fishstalker666 Post author

      Hi KM
      Sorry for the late reply. A lot of people are now fishing the French leader. It’s a very long leader that is tapered. Then a coloured indicator at the end of the leader for watching for takes. Can be very deadly in the right areas of the river. Lots of videos on YouTube. Just tap on French leader nymphing



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